RS65 Digital SMART Franking Machine

RS65 Digital SMART  Franking Machine
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How much time will I save?

These machines reliably and accurately process up to 45 pieces of mail a minute, so you’ll save precious time that you can reinvest in more productive tasks.

They have up to 5 presets so your most common jobs can be run by anyone; no hassle, no delays.

These machines interface with weighing platforms of up to 35kg, so your staff can send heavy items without disrupting normal mail processes.

When using the RS65i Digital Franking Machine there’s no need to sort mail into separate weights and sizes. It will apply the correct tariff to each item as it is removed from the weighing scales.

Use our My Account service to get complimentary access to your account online 24 hours a day:

See an archive of statements and invoices Access postage spend reporting

Source new and replacement envelope messages Find answers to the most common questions

And if you’ve ever stood in a long queue at the Post Office, wishing you could pay for postage online, you’ll be delighted to know these machines can be re-credited from your premises, at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if I don’t have much space?

Both machines will sit easily and unobtrusively on a

desktop, e.g. in your main office or in reception. They operate with minimal noise, so won’t disturb other activities taking place nearby.

Are the RS55i and the RS65i Digital Franking Machines easy to install?

Yes. You can do it yourself. After placing your order, you’ll get a series of simple communications that take you through order processing, dispatch and machine installation. When your ma- chine arrives, simply open the box, plug it in using your preferred connection method and follow the clear, concise instructions contained in the user guide.

Do I need a specialist operator?

No, anyone can frank the mail. The interactive menus displayed on the control panel are intuitive and simple to use. They’re backed up by user-friendly instructions that lead even someone who has never franked mail before through each stage of a task. But if for any reason, you’d like some on-site training that can be arranged.

And don’t worry, access to the franking machine is controlled by a pin number so, while anyone can frank mail, the credit can’t be stolen.

Will the RS55i and RS65i digital franking machines help my business prosper?

Yes. Whether you’re considering getting a franking machine for the first time or are using outdated franking technology, if you send between 1 and 200 pieces of mail a day, both the RS55i and the RS65i Digital Franking Machines will save you money and time.

They’ll also help you improve brand awareness, win new customers and so gain market share.

We can’t say it more simply than that.

“Processing mail using a previous generation Pitney Bowes franking machine, equipment sourced from an alternative supplier or even sending mail using stamps?

The RS65i series will save you valuable time and money and deliver you results”

How much money will I save?

Both the RS55i and the RS65i Digital Franking Machines guarantee that every piece of mail you send costs significantly less than if you paid using stamps.

Both machines have an integrated weighing platform that auto- matically ensures you only ever pay the correct postage. Mail won’t be returned because it was franked with the wrong date, an internal clock can advance the date automatically

for future mailings. This eliminates the associated costs of re- turned mail.

Both machines use a constant connection to Pitney Bowes. So when you re-credit your machine or download a new envelope message, it’s achieved in seconds without the line rental and dial up costs incurred with analogue connected franking ma- chines.

If you want to save money by buying envelopes that don’t seal themselves, the RS65i includes an integrated sealing unit. It’s a simple way to make your postal budget stretch further.

Both machines enter a low-power sleep mode after a period of inactivity, so you’ll keep your energy bill to a minimum.

And on top of all these benefits, you can improve your cash flow by taking advantage of Postage Power, our post now and pay later service. This allows you to:

Get up to 55 days free credit

Consolidate supplies and maintenance invoices onto a single monthly statement

Keep your administration costs to a minimum

How will I know how much I’m saving?

How will I know how much I’m saving? By using INVIEW, our simple web-based reporting tool. This impressive, easy to use, reporting feature allows you to:

.Have visibility of your exact postage expenditure over any time interval

.Extract information

.Present simple graphical analysis e.g. the amount mail sent by class and format

.Keep track of up to 100 accounts

.Accurately charge clients or cross charge between departments

.Monitor spending so you avoid waste

.Identify trends and future potential savings

With all this information available at the touch of a button, you’ll feel confident, and be able to prove, your postal budget is work- ing at peak efficiency.

Will a franking machine generate revenue?

Yes. We’ll say it again. Yes.

Both machines can print promotional envelope messages on every letter you frank. This means your mail is more likely to be opened and read ahead of flyers and brochures sent by your competitors... so your chances of securing the sale skyrockets. These machines don’t just save money; they turn mail into a powerful revenue-generating tool.

RS55i & RS65i Specifications

Are you making do with obsolete technology?

If your business has outgrown your current franking machine, it’s almost inevitable that you’re missing out on significant savings in time and money. Making do with obsolete technology could be stalling the growth of your company and limiting awareness of your brand.

If you send between 20 and 75 pieces of mail a day, the RS65i makes an ideal upgrade. It’s a reliable and cost effective way for your business to benefit from:

.Faster processing speeds

.Enhanced postal accounting

.Complimentary web based graphical postage spend reporting

.Faster downloads

.Scales that can weigh up to 35 kg

.Differential weighing, so there’s no need to sort mail by size and weight

.Improving the chance that your mail gets opened by printing eye-catching graphics and marketing messages on every envelope you frank

More than leading-edge technology

If your current franking machine supplier isn’t providing the support you expect, Roomail offers a level of customer service second to none.

We also sell high-quality consumables at very competitive prices. So whether you choose the RS55i or the RS65i Digital Franking Machine, you’ll have the backing of a global, market leader. Think of it as a partnership. After all, our sole aim is to help your business succeed.

Full customer service charter

Roomail is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of products and services backed by the highest level of customer care and service.




Maximum processing speed

30 mail pieces per minute

45 mail pieces per minute

Maximum number of accounts



Monitoring and reporting facilities

Postage and meter reports

Account, postage and meter reports

Maximum envelope thickness



Capacity of integrated weighing platform



Other weighing options

7, 12 and 35 kg

7, 12 and 35 kg

Differential weighing






Text entry



Date / time stamp



Job presets



Preffered connectivity method



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