Why Us

Roomail is a specialist supplier of approved franking machines and mail room solutions. We cover the whole of the UK and support a varied array of clients; from major blue chip companies and public sector services through to small and medium enterprise users. Any company that sends post can save money, improve processes and improve company image by using Roomail Ltd.

Our products and services are hand picked for ease of use, cost effectiveness and overall customer satisfaction. Our management team is customer focused and has vast experience of a multitude of business sectors, satisfying their mail and logistics requirements. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards and to position Roomail Ltd as a leading franking machine supplier in the UK.

Reduce time and money spent

As managers it is not always easy to see where you can control costs, save time and increase efficiency but with franking the decision isn’t that difficult.

Make an impression

Franking is a great way to promote and project your company image. Using a professionally customised franking mark to include your company name and logo, as well as a return address on every piece of mail you send.

Promote the envelope

Promote your humble envelope from simple wrapping to effective marketing by including a promotion or slogan on every piece.

Fed up with your current supplier or is your lease due for renewal?

Not satisfied with the service from your current supplier? We understand.

It’s hard sometimes when you feel trapped, dissatisfied or unappreciated by a supplier. But don’t fret all may not be lost, contact one of our specialist account managers and we’ll take a good look at your needs and if we can, we will help. Roomail is able to settle up the remainder of your contract and maintenance and still reduce costs in many cases if even you are tied in for years.